Facebook Tip – Find Out What Other Facebook Users Are Posting

If you happen to be a University of Alabama fan, and a Facebook user, and you would like to know who is currently posting about your favorite team.

Do the following:

In the ‘Search’ box in the top center of the Facebook page, type ‘Roll Tide’, and click the magnifying glass.
Click ‘Posts By Everyone’, and you will see everyone who has recently posted ‘Roll Tide’ in their status.

If you are a Facebook User, and are currently logged in, you can see the results by clicking on the link below:


This works with any phrase, like ‘Cheese Head’:


Or ‘Terrible Towel’:


Or ‘obamacare’:


Or ‘Conservative’:


Or ‘Christian’:



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One comment on “Facebook Tip – Find Out What Other Facebook Users Are Posting
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