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SQL Server DatePart Example

select datepart(quarter,getdate()) –Get Week Day Numerical value, Sunday = 1st day of week SELECT   CASE WHEN datepart(weekday,getdate()) = 1 THEN ‘Sunday’ WHEN datepart(weekday,getdate()) = 2 THEN ‘Monday’ WHEN datepart(weekday,getdate()) = 3 THEN ‘Tuesday’ WHEN datepart(weekday,getdate()) = 4 THEN ‘Wednesday’

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Facebook Tip – View Photos The ‘Old’ Way (Without the Pop Up)

Facebook recently changed the way you view photos.  By default, when you click on a photo, the photo pop ups over the Facebook page.  Previously, when you clicked on a photo, you would be directed to another Facebook page with

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SQL Server DateDiff Function

–Date Difference Function –Number of days between two dates select datediff(day,getdate(),’09/01/2020′) –Number of months between two dates select datediff(month,getdate(),’09/01/2020′) –Number of years between two dates select datediff(year,getdate(),’09/01/2020′)

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SQL Server Date Formatting and Date Examples

–Get Current Date and Time select getdate() –Date Format MMM DD YYYY select convert(nvarchar(12),getdate(),100) –Date Format MM/DD/YYYY select convert(nvarchar(10),getdate(),101) –Date Format YYYY.MM.DD select convert(nvarchar(10),getdate(),102) –Date Format DD/MM/YYYY select convert(nvarchar(10),getdate(),103) –Date Format DD.MM.YYYY select convert(nvarchar(10),getdate(),104) –Date Format DD-MM-YYYY select convert(nvarchar(10),getdate(),105) –Date

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