Search Engine Features, You May Not Know About

Search engines can be used for more than just searching.  There three major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and these search engines can also be used to perform calculations, conversions, return instant weather results, define words, get local time around the world, and return instant stock quotes.


If you need to solve a math problem quickly, just navigate to one of the search engines, and type in your math problem, and press the enter key.  The search engine will return the answer.

Listed below are some of the equation symbols:

* = multiplication
/ = division
cos = cosine
sin = sine
sqrt = square root
^ = raised to the power of (5^2 = 25)

Instant Weather Results

If you would like to receive instant weather results, just type weather, the name of the city, and press the Enter Key.



If you need to convert one unit of measure to another, I.E. km to miles, cups to gallons, etc.  Just type in the conversion you need and press the Enter Key.

Define Words

If you need to know the definition of word, you do not have to go to, just type define and the name of the word you would like to have defined.

Get Local Time Around The World

If you would like to know the current local time of any location in the world, just type local time, the name of the location, and press the Enter Key.

Instant Stock Quotes

If you want to get the current value of a stock, just type in the stock symbol and press the Enter Key.  The current value of the stock will be returned along with a graph of activity for the current day.


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